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Updated 5/24/2021

"Those who by their deeds as Players, Coaches, Officials, Adminstrators/Developers or Champions of the Game, and by the example of their lives, personify the great contribution of the sport of lacrosse to our way of life".

Nomination Forms:

Annual Nomination And Induction Process Timeline

To be eligible for consideration for the class of 2021-2023 all fully completed and signed Hall of Fame nomination forms must be received by October 1, 2023.  All nominations must be sent electronically to:

NorCal Chapter of US Lacrosse, Inc. c/o Hall of Fame Selection Committee Chair

Note: Nominations received after the October 1, 2023 deadline will not be eligible for induction in the current calendar year, but will be automatically considered for induction in the following induction year. Nominations can be submitted at any time during the year. 

If a candidate is not selected for inclusion on the ballot for the current calendar year immediately after the year of initial nomination, they will remain eligible for consideration in subsequent for the next five years. Therefore, it is not necessary to resubmit a new nomination form annually, but submission of new achievements, accolades or honors is highly recommended. All information will be reviewed annually and housed within the individual nominees’ folders for the Chapter Lacrosse Hall of Fame. 

June -October: Chapter Lacrosse Hall of Fame Ballot Committee formulates the annual men’s and women’s ballots containing the top 12 candidates for induction.

Early October:  The top four candidates are selected by the Voting Committee.

Mid October:  Each annual class of men’s and women’s inductees is announced through press releases, USA Lacrosse websites, and print and broadcast media.  

Last Weekend in January: Annual Chapter Lacrosse Hall of Fame Induction Celebration.

Northern California Chapter Lacrosse Hall of Fame Nomination & Selection Process

Approved by the Chapter Board of Directors

Goal: To select the absolute best of the best, within the context of an individual's era of participation".

Character Beyond Reproach

The following are possible areas of evaluation used to determine Character Beyond Reproach:

  • Practice and perpetuation of positive sportsmanship on and off the field
  • Positive relations with peers, opponents, subordinates and supervisors within the game
  • Service within lacrosse development initiatives
  • Service and honors within civic, community and military community. Committee note: Service is a better character measure than honors
  • Lack of publicly known conviction of any crimes/felonies (All nominees that satisfy the minimum criteria will provide consent to undergo a criminal background check.)
  • Only those nominees that are being seriously considered by the Ballot Committee for inclusion on the Ballot shall be subject to criminal background checks

Ballot And Voting Committee Structure

Ballot Committee

Committee Size: 5-7

Committee Term: 3 years, with one term renewal  

Committee Make Up: Collectively, the committee members must represent and possess the utmost lacrosse knowledge and geographic and historical expertise. Must be very knowledgeable of the game, been involved with the sport for a significant amount of time and at a significant level, have a sense of history of the game.  

Committee Task:  

  • Through comprehensive evaluation of eligible candidates at an in-person committee meeting, annually identify those individuals that are to be included on the Chapter Lacrosse Hall of Fame Ballot.  
  • The Ballot Committee deems all individuals on the ballot worthy of induction.  
  • Prior to any voting, through a meeting or conference call, the Ballot Committee will present the ballot to the Voting Committee, at which time the Ballot Committee can field any questions regarding the information presented on the 12 ballot candidates.  No voting occurs at this meeting.  All ballots are submitted by the Voting Committee members anonymously.   
  • The Ballot Committee will also serve as members of the Voting Committee.

Ballot Size: Not more than 12 individuals per year– all categories.

Must include biographical and accomplishment information for each candidate, and a Ballot Committee statement noting why each individual is deemed eligible for consideration for nomination.  

Vote Required to be Included on Ballot: Each individual must receive a minimum of a two-thirds majority vote of approval from the Ballot Committee to be included on the ballot.


Voting Committee

Committee Size: 12 (Includes Ballot Committee members plus 5-7 NorCal Chapter board members)

Committee Term: 4 year limit, based on consistent voting participation, with one term renewal

Committee Make Up:  Must be very knowledgeable of the game, been involved with the sport for a significant amount of time and at a significant level, have a sense of history of the game (may be populated with past Ballot Committee members)

Committee Task: Through completion and submission of the ballot, annually select those identified for induction into the Chapter Lacrosse Hall of Fame.  

Voting Protocol: Each Voting Committee member must rank the 12 candidates that appear on the ballot 1-12 (1 being their top choice/most qualified candidate and 12 being the last choice/least qualified candidate)

Voting Value/Tallying: For each ranking vote, a candidate receives a point value based on the following scale:



Induction Criteria: Once all votes are tallied, the total number of points is generated for each candidate. Those candidates receiving at least 108 of the total points available (based on a 4th highest ranking by 12 voters which places a candidate in the top 25%) would be elected. Based on this system, a maximum of four individuals (per committee) can be elected annually.

In addition, if at least four individuals do not receive at least 108 points, the top four vote-getters (determined by total points received) would be elected, provided that each of the top four vote getters receives at least 84 points (based on a 6th highest ranking by 12 voters).

  • All individuals that receive equal point totals that qualify them for induction shall be deemed to be elected for induction into the Chapter Lacrosse Hall of Fame.
  • All ballots must be signed and returned.
  • Ballot results are compiled anonymously.